At the age of three, Kim Sheri Tryon started dancing and she has not stopped since. She was introducted to pilates while studying dance at Tshwane University of Technology. After injuring her back Kim decided to turn to Pilates and to her amazement her back pain seemed to decrease. Inspired by the results she achieved with this no-impact workout she wanted to share this with others. Kim now has an advanced knowledge and understanding of Pilates having studied the internationally recognised, STOTT PILATES certification courses in matwork, reformer and Injuries & Special Populations. She stays up-to-date on skills and programming techniques by annually attending various STOTT PILATES courses and workshops. When Kim is not teaching she is Studying towards her degree part-time or dancing and rehearsing for hip-hop competitions throughout the year. She also stays in shape by attending pilates classes where she too can be a student. Much of Kim’s satisfaction derived from Pilates comes from helping her clients achieve their individual personal goals and being part of their development. Kim’s dedication is evident in her continuous drive for perfection in her field and ongoing support of her clients.  


Joseph Pilates was born near Düsseldorf, Germany in 1883. Pilates was a sickly child who suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. His drive and determination to overcome these ailments led him to become a competent gymnast, bodybuilder, martial arts like jiu jitsu and boxing. 

In 1912 Pilates lived in England working as a circus performer, boxer and self-defence instructor. During the First World War, he was interned with other German nationals. During this time he developed his technique of physical fitness further, by teaching his fellow internees. During the latter part of the War, he served as an orderly in a hospital on the Isle of Man where he worked with patients unable to walk. He attached bed springs to the hospital beds to help support the patients' limbs, leading to the development of his famous piece of equipment known as the 'Cadillac'. 

Much of his equipment, although slightly adapted, is still in use today in many Pilates Studios.

Pilates emigrated to the USA in the early 1920s with his wife Clara, and together they developed and taught the method in their 'body-conditioning gym' in New York in 1926.

The studio featured much of the Apparatus designed to enhance his rehabilitation work. It soon became very popular, particularly with the dance community, as it offered a chance to improve technique or recover from injury. Word spread quickly and many celebrities of the day visited his studio. These included dance legends such as Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine and Martha Graham, as well as the actor Jose Ferrer and the author Christopher Isherwood. Originally 60% of the clientele were men.

In 1932 Pilates published a booklet called 'Your Health' and followed this with another called 'Return to Life Through Contrology' in 1945. Through these writings and his students, his method was passed on after his death in 1967 at the age of 83. During his lifetime this method of exercise was called Contrology. It was only after his death that it became known as the Pilates Method.